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Full Band Booking

(Musician/band guidelines)


Follow these Simple steps and chances are we will ask you to come back


  • Be friendly and polite:  We’re working hard to give you a great venue to play. We are generally friendly and as attentive to your needs as we can be based on the crowd at the time. We’d like to keep it that way.

  • PROMOTE:  We will run weekly ads with KZOZ that will announce that your band is playing, so you will get great exposure. Often times KZOZ will have some of our bands for an in-studio promo the day of the show! We will also do paid ads on social media outlets and promote the event, but we expect you to help out and do your part in promoting, too! Drop off at least ten flyers for here at The House. Hang posters around town, pass out flyers, and text, email, or call your friends and family. Whatever it takes to pack this place with happy drinking faces. ADVERTISE THROUGH THE FOLLOWING CHANNELS:

  1. BANDS IN TOWN: This site draws people. Sign up for an account if you need to.

  2. THE NEW TIMES:  Send band bio, hi-res photo, website link to: gstarkey @

  3. THE TICKET:  (the tribune's weekly event publication):

  4. KCBX:  (public radio community calendar) html


  • PLAY YOUR HEARTS OUT:  We want to love you…. And if you’ve done 1 and 2 we’re on the way! Get on that stage and kill it!


  • STICK TO THE PLAN:  Be up front with us. If you don’t have enough material to cover the time, no problem, we’ll figure something out. Also, if you add an opener for yourselves let us know ahead of time as it requires more work on our part by doing sound twice. Openers or anyone you add to the bill will not be paid or comped drinks by us. Make that very clear to them up front. If you want to pay them, that’s completely up to you.

  • HANG OUT:  If there’s multiple acts on the bill check them out. If you’re local, be a customer from time to time. Nothing makes us happier than seeing the musicians who play here show up when they’re not playing. We’re trying to create an environment geared towards musicians and music lovers….and of course beer drinkers!

  • BE RESPECTFUL:  Treat other musicians with the same respect and courtesy you’d expect. Also be respectful to your audience.

  • COME PREPARED:  *During covid we are doing most of our shows outside, so we are asking bands to bring their own PA and equipment.  We do have a lot of back up and extra equipment so if you need something, just let us know. We have a PA and most everything you’ll need, but bring extra cables, adapters, mics, stands, batteries, strings, etc or anything special you may need for your show. If you want to use your own PA check with us first. If you’re bringing a sound guy let us know ahead of time.

  • BE ON TIME:  Leave plenty of time for set up and a sound check. We’re not a stickler on starting at an exact time, but we do expect everything to be ready to go by that start time.

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